Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Imminent Demographic Collapse Through the Lens of the OECD Nations

If one wanted reasons to be bullish and think tomorrow, next week, next year, next decade will be like today or the last 50 years...take a look at the population chart of the OECD below.  Looks like constant, consistent growth of population and soon to be consumers.

However, if one were among the .01% that were curious to know much of anything, the below chart would indicate that the population growth is not exactly evenly distributed. 

Or simply put...the below chart shows the absolute cliff where population growth not only slows but goes solidly negative across a 40+ yr segment of the population.

And please keep in mind that peak earning and spending occurs in one's 40's and early 50's...and by 65yrs/old earnings slow precipitously and spending typically falls to 3/5ths pre-retirement levels.  When an entire globes economy is based on population growth among fixed income 55+yr/olds...we're fucked if we won't change our ways.

EXTRA CREDIT - For those who believe this doesn't matter because the rest of the globe will continue to grow infinitely...