Friday, May 1, 2015

Manufacturing Recovery or Manufactured Recovery?

A quick update on the state of manufacturing employment in America...when discussing "recovery" or effectiveness of trade agreements or the like it seems helpful to look at the actual, broad data sets. 

Many reasons exist for the drop in manufacturing employment from innovation, outsourcing, mechanization, automation, "robot-ation", etc. etc.  Still, the charts below speak for themselves and seem to imply manufacturing will not be an employment driver ever again for America...just as farming will never be an employment driver again as it was in the 19th century. 

All clear?!?  So, maybe a better question would be what will the driver of employment be in the 21st century?  To make it easier, I think we can also cross off housing and construction from the list. 

With so much debt and such large unfunded liabilities, it would seem important that we identify where all the potential new employment (and tax revenue) will come simultaneously businesses across the globe continues to rightly identify how they'll continue to do more with less...including less employees.

Seems the conundrum of the 21st century.  Thoughts?